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"Each week Logan helps me recenter and reframe my perspective toward gratitude, optimism and strength. At a time when I feel knocked off course often, her insightful mantras stay with me and keep me aligned. Her down-to-earth approach helps me share openly while feeling accepted. I am so grateful to Logan for pulling me out of the depths I was in when we first started and for continuing to lift me up each week."

Female client, 40

“Logan has been an incredible motivator and guide in my life these past two years. She has opened my eyes to see myself, and life in a whole new way. She has provided me with a plethora of tools to overcome any challenge that may arise. I am truly grateful to have found her!”

Female client, 25 

"Logan is unfailingly kind, optimistic, respectful, and sincerely caring. She is also wise beyond her years. She always brings ideas for ways to break down and tackle the issues that have challenged me. She listens patiently and always offers me some reasons for feeling hopeful. "

Female client, 46

"I highly recommend Logan. She has been an incredible part in helping my daughter through trying times. I am so grateful to have someone so caring on our team."

Mother of 20-year-old female

"Two years ago when my daughter was 14 she struggled to see her self worth, cut herself off from all friends and family, and was filled with anxiety and overwhelmed with depression. The isolation of COVID made it worse and harder to overcome. Logan has been working with her for two years and has worked tirelessly to help her overcome the darkness within. Logan created a safe place where my daughter could share, gave her the skills to improve, and continuously challenged her to grow. My daughter is 16 now and has found her voice, walks taller, laughs, loves, and is continually improving. My husband and I are very grateful to Logan for facilitating the healing process and helping our child when we could not. She is a lifesaver - literally." 


Mother of a 16-year-old client

"My husband and I are grateful for Logan. Our daughter has been going through a very difficult time. Lots of anxiety and depression stemming from current societal issues as well as PTSD. She immediately felt relief when working with Logan. Tools that Logan gives her to work through daily triggers have been helpful. There is a gentleness & relatability that Logan has, which makes clients feel safe. I highly recommend her!"

Mother of a 19-year-old client

"Logan's kind, calm demeanor made my son feel comfortable, and she knew exactly what my son needed. We are so grateful."

Mother of 17-year-old male

"Logan is a great woman! She has always pointed me in the right direction. Our virtual sessions are both pleasurable and productive. Logan has been a great help, and she truly cares about each of her clients. I highly recommend her!"

Female client, 17

"Logan is the best! She has helped me incredibly and is so nice to work with!"

Female client, 16

"Logan connects with kids and has a way about her that puts them at ease. Logan encourages positive thinking and has helped my son tremendously. My son always leaves with a smile and feeling great about the session."

Mother of 11-year-old male

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