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About Logan

A Brighter Tomorrow Begins with Today

Do you feel like you're constantly dealing with anxiety? Are you frustrated trying to manage day-to-day stress? Do you feel overwhelmed because of mood swings? Are you worried and overanalyzing things all the time? Anxiety and stress can be debilitating and affect our lives and interpersonal relationships in negative ways. Thankfully, there are many ways to treat anxiety and stress. 


Through various modalities, including mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy, I will work with you to help make everyday life more manageable. By getting to the source of what’s causing anxiety and stress, we will develop techniques to better navigate life and help you function at your best.


Accessing the tools you need to help alleviate anxiety and stress can become second-nature. Call or email today if you’d like to start living a less stressful, more fulfilling life. We will set up a 15-minute phone consultation to discuss initial goals and schedule our first appointment.

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